Except the Lord build the house!

As we continue our studies in Psalms on Wednesday night we have found our way to Psalms 127. What a powerful chapter!

So many today are building their “house” on anything but the principles of the Word of God! We look to wealth, careers and prestige as the builders of our “house” rather than on the ROCK, Jesus Christ!

May I say to the child of God, if you are building on something other than the Lord, you are building on shifting sand. Your career is shifting sand, your money is shifting sand, that prestige and power you are striving for is shifting sand. When the storms of life pound on you and the winds assail you those things will not be able to stand. They will fall away and they will let you down and you will be looking at a “house” that has fallen! What a terrible investment in the wood, hay and stubble that doesn’t matter for eternity!

When you build your life on Christ, You are building on solid ground! Ground that will not shift when the storm comes! A foundation that the winds of compromise can’t blow away! Build your house on Christ! Build it strong!

I believe fathers need to lead their homes! Show their children what it is to serve God with all their hearts. Lead by example, not in word only! Show your children faithfulness! Show them love. Show the what a marriage should be. Show them what a father should be! It’s not too late…if you have been building on sinking sand…remember… LOCATION…LOCATION…LOCATION! It’s time to move to the solid ground!