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Maryland Connection 2015

As Christians, many of us have shared with each other our frustrations over the decisions being made in our state houses or nationally on Capitol Hill. We have been disappointed by votes, angered by a politicians views and stirred to frustration by what we deem to be obvious common sense opportunities missed.

While I believe there appropriate times for righteous anger I believe it’s time for the people of God to stop talking about what is wrong and do something about it. We are forgetting the most powerful tool we have as Christians…prayer! My question for you to ponder is how much time have you spent in prayer over our country and our communities? How many of our elected leaders do we lift up in prayer? How often have we reached out to these officials to share with them that we are praying for them and appreciate their service for our state and country?

Romans 13 teaches us the fact that God looks at our government, an institution that HE ordained, and those that serve as ministers of God. Yet somehow Christians have gotten it in their minds that we should have little interaction or mingling in government affairs. If you study the Scripture you will find the error of that thought. In fact, every book in the Old Testament was written by a government leader, to a government leader or about a government leader!

Two years ago Pastor Mike Creed and Evangelist Chuck Harding founded Awake America and the Capitol Connection Event. If you have participated your eyes would have been opened to the need to engage our elected leaders in the effort of prayer. So it has been our burden to duplicate this effort in our state. The state of Maryland has been written off by many but not by God! He is still able to save souls and change lives. I encourage you to be a part of the Maryland Connection…January 15, 2015 at 11:00am at Lawyers Square!

Be a part of history as we connect the people of God with the people of government! As Brother Harding has said…God is a game-changer!

The Maryland Connection is not a political event, it is a spiritual one!

Events in Ferguson & Michael Brown

As we have watched the tragic events unfold in Ferguson Missouri we are reminded once again of the sinful nature of man. Businesses have been destroyed, jobs have been eliminated and a community turned upside down.

No matter your opinion, a young man has lost his life. No parent should have to endure the heart wrenching task of burying a child. As we have seen over and over, parents, especially moms, will stand by their children even if their conduct is questionable.

As a nation we must face the harsh realities of racism. We will never overcome racism until we come together and address the issues head on. The events that unfolded several months ago in Ferguson are interpreted unfortunately through the filter of race. Many blacks see Michael Brown as a victim at the hands of a zealous and racially motivated, out of control cop. Many whites see a police officer defending himself from an aggressive young man who had just robbed a store and was ready and willing to attack a police officer and suffered the consequences.

What is the truth? The truth is that a grand jury reviewed the case over several months, reviewed evidence and heard from dozens of witnesses and concluded that the police officer acted in self defense. Case closed.

The problem is the case is NOT CLOSED for many Americans!

While there are cases that can be pointed to as examples of police brutality this is not one of them. The facts of the case simply do not support an indictment, much less a conviction. But does the law mean anything to angry mobs who would loot and destroy a community? Does the law mean anything to Al Sharpton who would pillage the black community and lead a generation away from truth and standing for biblical principles that as a reverend he is supposed to espouse? Why is it that the first reaction by Michael’s step father is to “Burn the city down?”

I have a message for all that are involved:

To the parents of Michael Brown: We grieve over the loss of your son. While I do not agree with your assessment of the events that unfolded only God can soothe the pain and give you the comfort you need to get through your loss. I challenge you to channel your anger and your belief of injustice to mentor and counsel those in the black community to stand on biblical principle. Far too many black young men are growing up without dads. Far too many black young men are growing up idolizing the rap culture rather than men of character and those things which make America great. You have a unique opportunity and a short window to influence a community for good. Speak out against the looters! Speak out against the senseless loss of human lives at the hands of numerous black on black crime. Speak out against lawlessness! After all, that is what you claim happened in this case.

To the police officers in Ferguson (and other communities): Reach out to the community, to those who “hate” you the most and build a bridge of communication. Understand the appearance! Open the dialogue to all involved. We value your service to communities across America and recognize that every day your life is in harms way.

To Al Shaprton: We are all created in the image of God. Blacks, whites, asians and espanics! None is better than the other! Stop dividing this nation over race. Fight for those you think have been slighted by the law but stop using these families to further YOUR agenda. They don’t need you. No where have I heard you point these grieving families to Christ. No where have I heard you point a suffering community to Christ. Are you a “reverend” or not?

To Christians all across America: Share the gospel! Jesus is the answer! No young person saved by grace and in love with the Saviour looted this week! No teen boy who was involved in his youth group and in love with the Saviour broke windows and burned businesses! We are failing this generation. They need Christ and we are busy pursuing our own dreams. When will we stand in the gap? When will we make a difference? You and I have been put here “for such a time as this!”

To the protesters: Protest but do it lawfully! That’s what America is about. But I have a question for you. When will you protest over the thousands killed by black on black crime? When will you look to your families and say it’s time to step up and lead our families? When will you look to your communities and say you will not burn our businesses, you will not destroy our families with hatred, you will not kill our babies in abortion, you will not enslave us in poverty! It’s time for this generation to step up!

Step up and America great again!