Maryland Connection 2015

As Christians, many of us have shared with each other our frustrations over the decisions being made in our state houses or nationally on Capitol Hill. We have been disappointed by votes, angered by a politicians views and stirred to frustration by what we deem to be obvious common sense opportunities missed.

While I believe there appropriate times for righteous anger I believe it’s time for the people of God to stop talking about what is wrong and do something about it. We are forgetting the most powerful tool we have as Christians…prayer! My question for you to ponder is how much time have you spent in prayer over our country and our communities? How many of our elected leaders do we lift up in prayer? How often have we reached out to these officials to share with them that we are praying for them and appreciate their service for our state and country?

Romans 13 teachesĀ us the fact that God looks at our government, an institution that HE ordained, and those that serve as ministers of God. Yet somehow Christians have gotten it in their minds that we should have little interaction or mingling in government affairs. If you study the Scripture you will find the error of that thought. In fact, every book in the Old Testament was written by a government leader, to a government leader or about a government leader!

Two years ago Pastor Mike Creed and Evangelist Chuck Harding founded Awake America and the Capitol Connection Event. If you have participated your eyes would have been opened to the need to engage our elected leaders in the effort of prayer. So it has been our burden to duplicate this effort in our state. The state of Maryland has been written off by many but not by God! He is still able to save souls and change lives. I encourage you to be a part of the Maryland Connection…January 15, 2015 at 11:00am at Lawyers Square!

Be a part of history as we connect the people of God with the people of government! As Brother Harding has said…God is a game-changer!

The Maryland Connection is not a political event, it is a spiritual one!