Awake America Maryland

We have a choice: Get angry or get busy. Get discouraged or get focused. Get apathetic or get a burden. Never in our countries history have we needed the people of God more to step up. Before our eyes our nation is deteriorating. The moral fabric of this nation is falling apart. A generation is turning against God. What will we do? I would remind you that its HIS church and the gates of hell will not prevail against HIS church. You know it’s easy to serve when all is well. It’s easy to stand when everyone is standing. But what this nation needs  is for men and women to stand in its darkest hours. We have been placed here in this generation for such a time and this! We must minister to a generation filled with questions. We must stand against a tidal wave of immorality, of perversion, of those who are confused about right and wrong. We must show the love of Christ and tell the truth with confidence and with humility. My heart breaks for America. We are a prodigal nation that is wasting her substance, her blessings, on riotous living.

Evangelist Chuck Harding & Pastor Mike Creed co-founded Awake America and in 2013 began a powerful event called the Capitol Connection. The purpose is simple, connecting the people of God with the people of government. On July 5th, we welcome Pastor Brad Cranston to Woodlawn Baptist Church. Brother Cranston has joined Awake America to launch Awake America in each state. To that end, we are excited to launch Awake America Maryland on Tuesday, July 7th. We will be meeting at 6:30pm. Join us if you are able but please pray for Gods hand of wisdom and blessing on this important endeavor. Our goals are to connect with our elected leaders in Annapolis, to pray for Gods hand on our state, to get involved and participate in our legislative process and let our collective voices be heard. Finally, but most importantly, is to share the gospel and stand for truth.

While we may look at this dark world and feel overwhelmed may I remind you that with each passing day we are one day closer to revival or the rapture! Either way – WE ARE ON THE WINNING SIDE!