Seven Reasons to vote for Donald Trump

Let me say from the outset that I endorsed Ted Cruz early in the primary. I believed and still believe he would have been the best choice from the candidates that ran for president. Unfortunately, he did not win and we are left with a choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. While some may say, there is always Johnson, I respectfully respond that we all know that there is no way he will muster enough votes to get on every ballet much less win the presidential election.

I am frustrated. I am disappointed. Part of me says America deserves to reap what it has sewn in this election and if that means Hillary Clinton so be it. After all, the prodigal had to waste his substance before coming to himself. However, I would admit that these thoughts are my flesh speaking and not clearly thinking what can be done to stem the tide of immorality and lasciviousness. I know God is able to send a sweeping revival to our land and that is what I am praying for. However, if he doesn’t, then what? Christianity thrived under persecution in the first century church but the pressing question today is are we strong enough to withstand the fiery onslaught in our generation if its mirrors such persecution? I fear we are not ready.

Let me share with you some reasons that I admittedly believe the best decision for the coming election is for the people of God to get behind Donald Trump for president.

1. A seat at the table:

I believe we all agree that Hillary Clinton is the antithesis of all that we believe. Our freedoms as churches and Christians will continue to be challenged under her administration. Babies will be murdered and our countries standing in the world will continue to deteriorate. With Donald Trump, I believe the people of God will have a voice at the table with a chance for that advice to be heeded.

2. Mike Pence:

One of the narratives I have heard and discussed during the primary and the general election is that Donald Trump doesn’t really want to be president and never expected to get this far. If this is the case I believe Donald Trump will lean on his cabinet like no other president. Mike Pence is a good man with strong Christian, conservative values. He will have Trump’s ear on every conservative issue and every decision that is importance to Christians. Do you want Mike Pence or Tim Kaine?

3. Supreme Court:

Hillary Clinton’s choices for the Supreme Court would virtually undermine our Constitution to a point of no return. These choices are arguably more important than the presidency because of their lifetime appointments. While there is some question about Donald Trump’s commitment to appointing conservative judges he has made comments regarding this topic that bring some comfort that he will make good choices. Even the greatest of skeptics would have to acknowledge that Trump has a better chance of appointing conservative judges than Clinton.

4. Abortion:

Yes, Donald Trump has flip flopped on this issue. However, his stated position and the parties’ platform is pro-life. Do we have a chance at overturning or slowing the loss of life through the barbaric practice of abortion under a Clinton administration? Not a chance in the world. Do we have a possibility under a Trump administration to slow down the rate of abortions or with the right Supreme Court judges overturn Roe vs. Wade, maybe? Isn’t the life of just one baby worth this shot? I want to see this barbaric practice ended in my lifetime, don’t you? For the sake of unborn babies, don’t they have a better chance at life with Trump as president and that president being in a party whose platform is prolife?

5. Race relations:

Under this administration, make no mistake America has taken a step backwards in race relations. Sports stars are disrespecting the flag, rioting has become acceptable and violence towards police officers has increased. We simply cannot elect a president that will continue to feed the flame of division in our country. A Hillary Clinton administration IS a Barak Obama third term. This would be a disaster for our nations unity. With all that America faces in the days ahead, we must elect a president that will unite America rather than divide it.

6. Benghazi and Email Scandals:

Directly said…I believe Hillary Clinton is responsible for the deaths of four Americans and was never held accountable. Further, she is not qualified to be president because she has mishandled classified materials and put our nations secrets and security at risk. She doesn’t deserve to be president. The majority of Americans has stated they do not trust her! Let’s make sure another American is never left on the battlefield and our nations secrets are kept secure by a president who is careful and takes responsibility for their actions. Hillary Clinton should not have a security clearance much less be president and privy to our nations secrets!

7. One term presidency:

I am being presumptuous but I believe that even if Donald Trump wins he will only serve one term. So, if he turns out to be much of what conservatives have accused him of, he will never be re-elected and secondly he would still be better than Clinton because of those around him leading our government.

In conclusion, you may say that I am voting less for Donald Trump and more against Hillary Clinton. I won’t argue with you. America is in bad shape. I am saddened by our choices. I believe we could have done better. Voting for a third party candidate is not voting principle, it is throwing it away and giving place to the devil to put in a candidate that who without a doubt take away our freedoms as Christians. The stakes are too high to be vengeful against what we believe is a distasteful candidate. Our children’s future is at stake. They will not benefit from our principled vote if we have lost our freedom and country. We are facing a tidal wave of persecution in America if we do not wake up. We did not like McCain – we stayed home and got Obama. We did not like Romney – we stayed home and got Obama 2.0. If we stay home again or vote for a third party, can America survive Hillary Clinton, Obama, 3.0? Not a conservative pastor in America has been pleased with the last 8 years. Marriage and morality has been attacked. We continue to lose our liberties. We continue to lose court cases because liberal judges have been installed. We MUST wake up for the sake of our countries future. America has never had a perfect viable candidate for president. We have always had to settle. I hate that. But it is the truth. If we vote for a third party candidate or stay home are we not telling our children, our families and even the world that we would rather Hillary Clinton be president than to take a chance and vote for Donald Trump. Donald Trump is a BIG question mark but Hillary Clinton is a BIG exclamation point.

The choice is simple…Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? I have to vote for Donald Trump.