Christian Education

As we enter another school year at our academy, it reminds me once again of the importance of Christian education. I appreciate the sacrifice of many Christian school educators and the hard work of ministries across the country. We have a great responsibility of providing a strong academic foundation for our children as well as creating an environment where they can thrive spiritually!

I remember as a 14-year-old boy longing to attend a Christian school. I was weary of being taught anti-biblical principles and existing in an environment that was becoming more and more hostile to the things of God. I remember working a paper route every morning to try to earn the money needed to go Christian school. There were many mornings when I could barely feel my hands or feet due to the cold. But may I say, every moment was worth it! I was privileged to attend a wonderful Christian School, Independent Baptist Academy, and was taught by men and women of God! What a blessing! What memories!

I encourage every Christian parent to strongly consider a Christian education, whether in a Christian school environment or at home. We have a responsibility to educate our children. We are responsible for WHAT they are being taught. I determined a long time ago that my children would not be subjected to the many errors of the public school system. I recognize there are many hard-working public educators, some wonderful Christian people. However, I am not willing to subject my children to the error being taught, the unnecessary exposure to the hostile environment of the public schools student body or the inability for my children to be taught from a biblical world view.

We are training the next generation! Why are we letting the world educate them so that their faith is undermined? Why subject them to wiles of the devil at an early age? Why allow their minds to be clouded by anti-biblical rhetoric? They will face all of these soon enough! Let’s train them up in the way they should go so they KNOW what they believe!

Author: William Tyson

Pastor of Woodlawn Baptist Church - Founder of Bus Them In - Husband to an amazing wife & father to three kids than I love very much!

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