As I read the news I see story after story of a NBA player who has “come out.” Institutions and organizations are being bullied into supporting deviant behavior. Any individual who dares to speak out about the sin of sodomy is threatened and branded a bigot and called “intolerant.”

Later in the week we find out that our military is considering a court martial for any soldier who shares their faith. Let’s be blunt, Christianity is under attack. Bible believing Christians are being branded as potential terrorist because we have been labeled “intolerant.”

In Philadelphia, the truth about the horrors of abortion are on trial yet the main stream media refuses to cover the holocaust that occurred in Philadelphia and frankly is occurring all over the country. The truth is that Americans don’t want the truth, we want convenience and those who do raise their voices against “pro-choice” causes are labeled “intolerant” of a woman’s choice.

If you are a sports figure and you are open about your faith you are told to shut up and keep your faith to yourself. But if you “come out” you are hailed a hero and get a call from the president. God help our nation when we celebrate sin. Let me say, a man getting into bed with another man isn’t bravery, it’s not courage, it is sin and depravity. The world calls me “intolerant” for my views. Say what they will but we shall all give account to God!

On a daily basis we are bombarded with a concerted effort by the media and Hollywood to shut the mouths of those who would raise their voice against sin. I am frankly sick and tired of it.

It’s time for Christians to get their head out of the sand and let their voices be heard. For far too long we have allowed Hollywood to define what is right and wrong. We have allowed our public schools to indoctrinate our children and to water down their morality. Just this week a story came out of a school teacher who required two girls in their class to kiss each other. Raise your voice in disagreement and you are “intolerant!”

When are we going to wake up? When are we going to realize there is a war for the very soul of America happening before our eyes?

Ephesians 6:12 says, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

The Bible says, “Righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.” We are not only inviting the judgment of God on our nation, I believe we are beginning to experience the judgment of God. We have shed innocent blood, we have embraced the Sodomite agenda, and we are turning our back on our friends in Israel all under the umbrella of tolerance!

So, this begs the question, “What is intolerance?” The word “intolerance’ is defined in the dictionary as “not tolerating or respecting beliefs, opinions, usages, manners, etc., different from one’s own, as in political or religious matters; bigoted.” With that definition in hand let me give you a few thoughts on “intolerance.”

First, as a child of God we should be intolerant of sin. Psalms 97:10 says, “Ye that love the Lord, hate evil…” This does not mean we hate people. We hate their sin. We hate what sin does to the individual and to society. Too many preachers today have gotten afraid of preaching against sin because they are afraid to offend. Romans says, “…how shall they hear without a preacher?” A preacher is to preach the Word of God in season and out of season, not put his finger to the wind to determine what is popular.  We see the men of God in the Bible who preached with a fervency & directness that is often missing our day. John the Baptist preached to Herod, Peter preached to the Sadducees of the day, and Paul, in chains, preached a salvation message to Agrippa! Where are the men who preach in season and out of season? Where are the men of God who stand against sodomy? Where are the men of God who stand against abortion? Where are the men of God who stand with Israel? It’s about time for Christians to be heard. We must pray for our nation and our leaders. We must participate in the process. I was at an event at the Capitol earlier this year and the comment was made to me by a man that their pastor doesn’t get involved in politics. This is a shame! I believe we should not only let our voices be heard we should encourage our people to be actively involved in the political process. We must preach God’s Word and take a stand on the moral issues of the day. God ordained human government and somehow we have walked away from this institution. Re-engage! Is it intolerance to preach against sin? Sure is! We do not tolerant sinful behavior because God is against it.

Let me also say that there is quite an air of hypocrisy amongst those on the left. It seems that they cling to the 1st amendment only when it suits their cause. Speak out about homosexuality and you are slandered and belittled as hateful. Yet they can spew the most vial and hateful accusations and innuendo they wish. True tolerance is for those who speak against us in regards to these issues to recognize for themselves our right to believe, practice our faith in freedom. You can’t have it both ways! Frankly I believe the most intolerant ones are those who try to squelch dialogue and public debate about these moral issues! Share your beliefs that sodomy is sinful and you are labeled bigoted, intolerant and a homo-phobe. The truth of the matter is the bigotry and phobia is most prevalent on the left. Let me also say the very term phobia engenders the connotation of fear. I am not afraid of homosexuals, I am against their lifestyle because of their sinful behavior.

Finally, what do we do from here? I believe as I have said often; the answer to the problems in America is simple. It is and always has been Jesus Christ. He is the answer to the morality problem in our nation. He is the answer to the alcohol problems we face. He is the answer to the gang problem, the teen suicide epidemic and the deterioration of the family. It’s time to take action. We must pray fervently for this nation and our leaders. We must be vocal and let our voices be heard. If you are waiting for someone else to make the call, to make their move, to lead, then you have missed the point. God has placed you here “for such a time as this.” This generation is our responsibility. We are critical (and rightly so) of our Congress for “punting” our financial issues on to the next generation yet we are doing the same thing spiritually. We are living on yesterday’s manna and spending tomorrow’s potential. I echo the words of David as he stood on the battle field looking at impossible odds and say, “Is there not cause?” It’s time to fight for this nation again! For if God be for us, who can be against us!

Author: William Tyson

Pastor of Woodlawn Baptist Church - Founder of Bus Them In - Husband to an amazing wife & father to three kids than I love very much!

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