#Continue – Connecting a new generation to the old paths! – Introduction

The Bibles says in 2 Timothy 3:14, But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned them;”

We are living in a day where people quit very easily when difficulties arise. This trend and character flaw is reflective of a society where the family has been broken down and principles of hard work and perseverance are rarely taught. If problems at work happen, many seek what is perceived as easier employment rather than working through the problems. When marriage problems arise, rather than keeping the vow, “for better for worse”, the decision is made to jump ship and quit on the marriage. And so it is with many Christians, when problems arise in the church or in their walk with God, they quickly throw in the towel and quit. I believe today we must recommit ourselves to the principles of the Scripture. We must preach the Word in season and out of season rather than putting our finger to the prevailing winds of theological or political compromise. America is in the state that she is in because Christians have not continued in their faith but have rather compromised it. We can point our fingers to Hollywood. We can shake our heads at continuous legislative opposition to our faith. We can complain about the lack of leadership on a national and local level from our political leaders. We can bemoan judicial activism that contradicts our biblical foundations. But ultimately the responsibility for the moral decay of America lies in the lap of the church and the people of God. We have failed this generation. We have embraced the culture rather than season it with the salt of the gospel. We have compromised our doctrine, our standards, and our practices with the hopes of being “accepted” by the world. America’s moral spiral is the churches responsibility. The decay has seeped into the church and has undermined our effectiveness for Christ. We must take a stand and continue in the old paths of Biblical principles!

The word “continue” means, “to go on, to keep on, to carry on without interruption or to last and endure.” When I think of continuing I think of carrying on. I think of a runner taking the baton and running their leg of the race. Our generation needs us to firmly take that baton of faith and run it with all our might. Our families need us to carry on. Our spouses need us to carry on. Our parents need us to carry on. Our children need us to carry on. Our coworkers need us to carry on. Our churches needs YOU to carry on. If we are going to see revival in America we are going to need to carry on. When I look at Scripture I see many examples of those who carried on! Isaac carried on after Abraham. Joshua carried on after Moses. And Elisha carried on after Elijah! Every generation has the responsibility of the Great Commission and must carry on that great responsibility! Will we carry on and fill Jerusalem with His doctrine or will we shun our mandate? Will we carry on the great heritage that was handed to us or we will we scorn our forefathers? Will we carry on? I want to share with you some areas that I believe we all need to carry on and #CONTINUE! We must pass on the old paths to a new generation!

– Next Chapter – What is the Old Paths?

Author: William Tyson

Pastor of Woodlawn Baptist Church - www.wbcbowie.org Founder of Bus Them In - www.busthemin.com Husband to an amazing wife & father to three kids than I love very much!

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