Don’t ever forget!

As you read the gospels you will find that Jesus on many occasions told the disciples that he would die, be buried and then he would rise again! In fact, as Jesus shared with them what would happen Peter rebuked the Lord and told the Lord they had other plans! As you know Jesus said, “Get thee behind me Satan!” Strong words but appropriate words for his death, burial and resurrection were the plan of God from the foundations of time!

What strikes me is as the disciples scattered as Jesus was arrested, tried and¬†finally crucified we find them gathered together mourning the loss of the leader. As was custom Mary Magdalene went to the tomb to treat the body of Jesus on that third day but I ask a very important question…WHY WERE THEY NOT THERE TO WITNESS THE RESURRECTION?? After all, Jesus told them over and over again that on the third day HE would rise again!

I am not sure why they were not there…perhaps they forgot what HE said. Perhaps they did not believe Him. But while we may be critical of the disciples I am reminded that we too forget so many times! We forget about His great love! We forget His promises! We forget what He has done for us! We forget that He has blessed us! We have forgotten that one day the trumpet will sound and we will be caught up in the air to be with the Lord!

May you and I never forget how great God is! He is worthy of praise. He is worthy to be honored. He is worthy to be served. God doesn’t deserve our leftovers. He deserves our best! As the Psalmist said…”If it had not been for the Lord!” I praise God everyday that I am a child of the king! Christian…don’t ever forget…you have been redeemed!!

A plea to a new generation!

Esther was in a most difficult spot. She was in a difficult situation. Her people were in peril and a nation was at stake. Her uncle corresponded with her and encouraged her to consider the big picture…perhaps God had placed her in the situation she was in “for such a time as this” Perhaps this was the hand of God and He was working all things together for good!

As we consider the spiritual condition of our nation perhaps we feel as though we are in a difficult situation. Perhaps we feel as if God can never use us giving our circumstances. We are surrounded by wickedness. Worldliness has seeped into the best of churches. How can we make a difference? How can we stand in this generation?

May I encourage you with these words…God has placed YOU here “For such a time as this!” BY his sovereign plan he placed you and I in this generation FOR this generation! Its time to step up! It’s time stand! It’s time to turn this world upside down for Jesus Christ!

If we won’t, who will? How shall they hear without a preacher? Preacher…this is your moment to lift up the name of Jesus! Just do it!!